Module: Msf::Module::Failure

Defined in:


Constants indicating the reason for an unsuccessful module attempt

Constant Summary collapse

BadConfig =

The exploit settings were incorrect

Disconnected =

The network service disconnected us mid-attempt

NoAccess =

The application replied indication we do not have access

None =

No confidence in success or failure

NoTarget =

The target is not compatible with this exploit or settings

NotFound =

The application endpoint or specific service was not found

NotVulnerable =

The application response indicated it was not vulnerable

PayloadFailed =

The payload was delivered but no session was opened (AV, network, etc)

TimeoutExpired =

The exploit triggered some form of timeout

UnexpectedReply =

The application replied in an unexpected fashion

Unknown =

No confidence in success or failure

Unreachable =

The network service was unreachable (connection refused, etc)

UserInterrupt =

The exploit was interrupted by the user