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New Metasploit modules are now required to contain a Notes section containing additional information such as the Stability, Reliability and SideEffects associated with running the module.


  def initialize(info = {})
        'Name' => 'Module name',
        'Description' => %q{
          Module description
        'Author' =>
            'Author name'
        'License' => MSF_LICENSE,
        'References' =>
            ['CVE', '2020-XXXX']
        'DisclosureDate' => '2020-03-26',
        'Platform' => 'ruby',
        'Arch' => ARCH_RUBY,
        'Privileged' => false,
        'Targets' => [['Automatic', {}]],
        'DefaultTarget' => 0,
        # All new modules must contain the below information. See below for more details for allowed values
        'Notes' => {
          'Stability' => [...],
          'Reliability' => [...],
          'SideEffects' => [...]

Allowed Values


CRASH_SAFEModule should not crash the service or OS
CRASH_SERVICE_RESTARTSModule may crash the service, but it will restart
CRASH_SERVICE_DOWNModule may crash the service, and remain down
CRASH_OS_RESTARTSModule may crash the OS, but it will restart
CRASH_OS_DOWNModule may crash the OS, and remain down
SERVICE_RESOURCE_LOSSModule causes a resource to be unavailable for the service
OS_RESOURCE_LOSSModule causes a resource to be unavailable for the OS

Side Effects

ARTIFACTS_ON_DISKModule leaves a payload, a dropper, etc, on the target machine
CONFIG_CHANGESModule modifies some config file
IOC_IN_LOGSModule leaves an indicator of compromise in the log(s)
ACCOUNT_LOCKOUTSModule may cause an account to lock out
SCREEN_EFFECTSModule shows something on the screen that a human may notice
PHYSICAL_EFFECTSModule may produce physical effects in hardware (Examples: light, sound, or heat)
AUDIO_EFFECTSModule may cause a noise (Examples: Audio output from the speakers or hardware beeps)


FIRST_ATTEMPT_FAILThe module may fail for the first attempt
REPEATABLE_SESSIONThe module is expected to get a session every time it runs
UNRELIABLE_SESSIONThe module isn’t expected to get a shell reliably (such as only once)
EVENT_DEPENDENTThe module may not execute the payload until an external event occurs. For instance, a cron job, machine restart, user interaction within a GUI element, etc