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When the Metasploit Payloads has a new merge appear in master, a new Ruby gem is built and automatically pushed up to RubyGems. This new version needs to be merged into the Metasploit Framework repository for those changes to be included.

To do this, committers must:

  • Create a new branch in the Metasploit Framework repository.
  • Name it something useful like metasploit-payloads-<version>.
  • Modify metasploit-framework.gemspec, so that the new version number is specified for the metasploit-payloads gem.
  • Run bundle install.
  • Remove any test/development binaries from data/meterpreter.
  • Run tools/modules/update_payload_cached_sizes.rb.
  • Make sure that Gemfile.lock only contains changes that are related to Metasploit Payloads.
  • Stage the following for commit in git:
    • Gemfile.lock
    • metasploit-framework.gemspec
    • Any payload modules that have had an updated payload size (usually this includes stageless payloads only)
  • Commit the staged files.
  • Push the branch to github.
  • Create the Pull Request.


A sample update PR/commit can be found here: