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Metasploit has inbuilt tooling for measuring the performance of commands and generating CPU/memory reports after msfconsole or msfvenom is closed.

Measuring CPU/memory

You can measure CPU/memory usage when starting msfconsole/msfvenom with environment variables:

METASPLOIT_CPU_PROFILE=true ./msfconsole -x 'exit'
METASPLOIT_MEMORY_PROFILE=true ./msfconsole -x 'exit'

Granular CPU/memory performance can be recorded using Ruby blocks:

Metasploit::Framework::Profiler.record_cpu do
  # ...
Metasploit::Framework::Profiler.record_memory do
  # ...

In both scenarios, reports will be generated and written to disk that can be opened in a file editor/browser.

Measuring command performance

The time command in msfconsole can be used to record the performance of a command:

msf6 exploit(windows/smb/ms17_010_psexec) > time reload
[*] Reloading module...
[+] Command "reload" completed in 0.20876399998087436 seconds

It is possible to record CPU and memory usage with the --memory and --cpu flags:

msf6 exploit(windows/smb/ms17_010_psexec) > time --cpu search smb
... etc ...
Generating CPU dump /var/folders/wp/fp12h8q13kq7mvf4mll72c140000gq/T/msf-profile-2023030711505620230307-77101-4josw1/cpu
[+] Command "search smb" completed in 0.4150249999947846 seconds


time -h
time --help
time search smb
time --memory search smb
time --cpu search smb