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Maintainers can assign labels to both issues and pull requests.


When we move something to the attic it means that what you submitted is a thing that we want but the circumstances were not quite right for landing it. Sometimes this is on us, and sometimes the contribution needs more work. We recognize that contributors work on the PRs they submit at their own pace. Take a look at the comments and review suggestions on your PR, and feel free to re-open it if and when you have time to work on it again. Don’t think you’ll be able to get it across the finish line? Find a community champion to do it for you.


Any PR that fixes a bug or an issue that raises awareness of a bug in the framework.

Breaking Change

Features that are great, but will cause breaking changes and should be deployed on a large release.

Code Quality

When a PR improves code quality.


Specifically for issues that have been confirmed by a committer.


Documentation changes, such as YARD markup, or, or something along those lines.

External Modules

PRs dealing with modules run as their own process.


Has to do with heartbleed. This will go away soon, but there are three outstanding still…


Something we’re really excited about.


Touches something in /lib.


Has to do with Meterpreter, or depends on a Meterpreter change to land to work.


Plugins and scripts, anything that’s not otherwise defined.


Touches something in /modules.

Needs Linting

The module needs additional work to pass our automated linting rules.

Needs More Information

The issue lacks enough detail to replicate/resolve successfully.

Newbie Friendly

Something that’s pretty easy to test or tackle.

Needs unique branch

Your submitted a PR from your master branch.

Because of how GitHub tracks changes between branches and what got added in a particular PR, we don’t accept contributions from the master branch of your fork. All branches are required to be unique. If your PR is closed because of this, create a new branch with that code and we’ll be happy to look at it again!

git checkout -b <BRANCH_NAME>
git push <your_fork_remote> <BRANCH_NAME>

This helps protect the process, ensure users are aware of commits on the branch being considered for merge, allows for a location for more commits to be offered without mingling with other contributor changes and allows contributors to make progress while a PR is still being reviewed.


When a module is uploaded without a corresponding documentation file, add this label in indicate docs are required

Not Stale

Label to stop an issue from being auto closed.


Label for any osx related work.


Touches something related to a payload.

RN (Release notes)

There are a series of labels that are added to all PRs when they are landed that define the release notes for the PR. They are denoted by the rn- prefix and they are important as they are used by automation to track metasploit-framework statistics:


Release notes for an enhancement.


Release notes for a fix.


Release notes for new or majorly enhanced modules.


The PR is too small or insignificant to warrant release notes.


Release notes for Metasploit Framework wiki.


Marks an issue as stale, to be closed if no action is taken.


Suggestions for new functionality.


New documentation suggestions.


New feature suggestions.


New module suggestions.


Usability improvements.


YARD Documentation Tasks for API Documentation.