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Learning Git

The following sites are great references for Git padawans and jedi alike:

  • Git-SVN crash course: Lots of good stuff on helping newbies grok the concepts of Git w/ reference to similar concepts in Subversion.
  • Codecademy Git Course: Great free course for quickly getting up to speed on Git with helpful hands on exercises.
  • Learn Git Branching: Good website for learning how Git branching works in a visual and interactive manner.
  • Git Reference: From the site: “meant to be a quick reference for learning and remembering the most important and commonly used Git commands.” Follows a tutorial-like format. Great for beginners.
  • The Pro Git Book: A free, online copy of the Pro Git book by GitHubber Scott Chacon.
  • The Git Community Book: A free book put together by the Git community for those new to Git.
  • Git Magic: Another free Git book put together by a Stanford CS student.
  • Git Ready: A collection of Git tips and tricks.
  • The Git Parable: A story by GitHub founder Tom Preston-Werner that reveals the underlying principles behind Git’s construction. A great starting point for understanding the nature of Git.
  • Git is Easier Than You Think: A nice tutorial that breaks down one Git user’s experience switching from Subversion.
  • PeepCode: Git: A one-hour (not-free) screencast covering Git basics. Well-made and easy to follow.
  • GitHub Flow: Another great post from Scott Chacon describing a GitHub-based workflow for projects.
  • Getting Started with GitHub: Also from GitHub’s own Scott Chacon, this two-part screencast (one free and one paid) will walk you through the basics of using GitHub.

Using Git in Editors

  • Fugitive plugin for Vim: Provides lots of tasty functionality from inside Vim. There’s also a five-part series on VimCasts on using Fugitive for almost any git task you can think of.

  • TextMate - a bundle for git ships with the editor. Highlight your top-level folder in the project drawer and then invoke with Command-Shift-G

SVN mirroring

Of course, if you’re still having trouble, GitHub does offer basic SVN read-write support.